My little precious' first birthday is around the corner and I've been crafting for two weeks now. Said HUGE event takes place this coming Sunday. So needless to say that my mind is constantly at work and I'm loosing sleep. Last night, while I was up, mentally going over the menu again I came up with an idea I had to test today.

The birthday menu is colorful, to say the least. One of the many pretty treats will be these Frog shaped buns, which I found on my absolute fav DIY site Handimania. They are cute, but I felt they needed something. And that something is COLOR!

I've got some food coloring laying around since Christmas (my gingerbread men are to die for). The question was how to test them on baked stuff. Since I already promised pancakes for the hubby, I thought they might as well be pink. And voilá! Lunch on Mondays rarely looks this pretty:

I cut the holes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and used delicious sour cherry jam to make the hearts bleed. And now may come what will, I'm making green buns this Sunday. I'll let you know how it went.

Till then, bon appetite!

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