Who's the gal?

Hermina Vass was born and raised in Serbia. She is a survivor of a minor war (that occurred in the 90s) and her own teenage years. Hermina is also a proud owner of weird views and thoughts, imaginary friends and four dogs (Raspberry, Blackberry, Hazelnut, Walnut).

Her passion for reading started in the third grade. When she got a C in school and her parents sentenced her to read a book that wasn't mandatory for school. Hermina's step-dad chose Gárdonyi Géza's Kele. The adventures of Kele, the broken winged stork charmed the little girl. The result was irreversible. As soon as Hermina closed the first book she truly enjoyed she opened another and a new adventure started. More than a decade passed since that, but Hermina is still driven by the curiosity of her ten year old self.

During high school rowing consumed most of her school-free time, but reading never loosed of its importance. By the time she finished high school (and her pro athlete career) Hermina reached the conclusion that writing has to be the thing she was born to do. Maybe.

After a successful entrance exam her college life began at the Hungarian Language and Literature department. The four years she spent there disappointed her in many ways. The lack of creative writing classes was the cruel reality, one she had to live with. During that period she turned toward English language and the countless possibilities it provided.

Today she's an active member of the online writing community.

Strangely enough, she talks about herself in third person.

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