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Oh yeah, I went there. I made fun of code. Bold, huh? And it wasn't that easy either. Anyway, this can come handy till the actual sarcasm font is invented.

This is going to be one of those posts where the title has nothing to do with the actual content. Today I am talking about something blue (as in my favorite color) that awakes the fake-ish feminist in me turning a nice girl into a walking rage comic (see the picture).

It is, of course, Smurfette and all the ignorant people who accuse her of being a slot (typo intended). I mean, come on! Why all the other Smurfs are happy males (excluding Grouchy Smurf)? Because blessed are the poor in spirit for not realizing our blue friends are all archetypes of everyday people, mere virtues that only together can add up to a complete personality. As in Papa Smurf is Wisdom, Brainy Smurf is Know-it-all-ness, their names pretty much speak for themselves. In this picture Smurfette is the Female.

To understand femininity as a trait we have to bring up our good ol' friend's name. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yeah, it is Karl Marx. Some say that Smurfs are living the dream, the communist dream, that is. Smurf Village is the perfect realization of the Marxist utopia with Papa Smurf embodying Marx himself. There's no money, property belongs to everyone and labor divisions couldn't be cleaner (see Handy Smurf, Farmer Smurf etc.). However, apart from currency this paradise lacks one more ingredient: women.

Thank God, this is about to change. Which will hopefully silence at least a few ignorant individual and I can push back the little raging feminist where it belongs: a deep corner of my mind. With the new Smurf movie (supposedly the first of a trilogy) a new era has began. That not only will give a deep explanation of Gargamel's past, but will let femininity rock the Smurf world. Can't wait to see that happen. Bound to be smurftastic!


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