Comment issue fixed

I dedicate this post to two lovely girls, who were so kind to warn me about the little technical glitch my blog had. It is all fixed now, so comment away, people!

Both Alicia and Shay have wonderful blogs that I can only recommend for every book-lover around the globe. Attention all authors out there, Alicia writes fabulous reviews on Book A World, her blog's design is very unique, and not too stuffed. The simple elegance it radiates amazes me. Shay is on blogger, just like moi, and you can find anything book-related on 365 Books A Year from the hottest upcoming releases to the "Meh" Books section, which is definitely a must-follow.

Thank you girls for helping me out! To show you my appreciation I'll put here a picture of Raspberry, the cutest and loudest Yorkie that ever lived on the face of Earth.


365_books_a_year June 9, 2012 at 7:12 AM  

Awww...I always love looking at a cute dog photo. I'm glad you got your comment thing fixed.

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